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Taylor Taylor & Hobson Studio Varotal 2

Click to see large picture Taylor Taylor & Hobson Studio Varotal 2
Period:   from the end of 1950's to the beginning of 1970's
Type:   Lenses
Quantity:   3 specimens available

The TTH 'Studio Varotal' 2 appeared in the late 1950s and was designed for use with Image Orthicon cameras. It could also, with an adapter be used on Vidicon cameras. The zoom range was only 2.5" to 8" inches at f/4.5 and as the name suggests, this zoom was for use primarily in studios. The zoom was manipulated mechanically by using Bowden cables (sometimes with jerky backlash) attached to the pan head, or could be powered electrically by using a servo add-on unit. The basic mechanical unit with controls cost approx 800 UKP in 1960. The larger picture shows the lens fitted to a Pye Mk 3 camera.

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Last updated: 23 May 2020