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LINK 130

Click to see large picture LINK 130
Period:   from the end of 1980's to the beginning of 1990's
Type:   Broadcast TV cameras
Quantity:   2 specimens available

The Link 130 was a mid- 1980s camera that never made it beyond a dozen or so 'trial' deliveries to broadcasters (some to BBCTV and Swedish TV amongst others). The Link 130 had many 'auto' features and used three 2/3rds lead oxide colour tubes, but the camera was plagued with software problems including 'lock outs' and niggling faults such as the cue light effecting the picture. Also, by the end of the 1980s, all the major broadcasters were considering switching to CCD studio cameras. The camera pictured is an ex-museum display with a non-standard repro lens unit (with space to house a small ccd camera)and a fixed viewfinder unit with an implant tube. Because the camera is only a shell and thus lightweight, it is ideal for theatre productions etc. The camera here is sitting on a Vinten 459 lightweight pedestal with an additional 'steer' wheel.

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Last updated: 08 July 2024