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RCA 3 Inch Image Orthicon

Click to see large picture RCA 3 Inch Image Orthicon
Period:   from the end of 1940's to the beginning of 1970's
Type:   Imaging Tubes
Quantity:   10 specimens available

The 3 inch Image Orthicon tube was produced first in the USA by RCA initially for WW2 military use and then in 1945 for broadcast use. Termed a 'low velocity' photo emmisive tube, the 3 inch IO revolutionised tv camera design and tv production because of its high sensitivity. This enabled outside broadcasting to be undertaken in very poor light and also implimented the use of camera lens turrets and electronic viewfinders. One 'trick' of the 3 inch IO was that it could photograph the human face by the light of a single small candle. The black 'halo' reproduced around the candle flame was another matter.

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Last updated: 17 October 2023