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Arriflex 35

Click to see large picture Arriflex 35
Period:   from the full 1950's to the full 1970's
Quantity:   1 specimens available

The Arriflex 35 (1937) was the first portable 35mm motion picture camera, built with a rotating mirror reflex shutter designed by Erich Kästner, Chief Engineer for Arnold & Richter Cine Technik (ARRI) It allowed the operator to have a viewfinder image equal to the recorded picture and the camera was small enough to use on location filming for ‘close-up’ camera movement and ‘B’ camera work. The camera was employed effectively as a 'battlefield camera' during WWII by German newsreels. The Arriflex 35 utilizes a three turret bayonet lens mount, and is capable of frame rates up to 90 frames per second with film magazines for 200 or 400 foot loads. The DC motor mounts underneath the camera vertically and can be used as a hand grip. A system called ‘Cine 60’ enabled the camera and motor to be mounted parallel on a tripod. New models appeared over the years: the 35 II in 1946, the IIA in 1953, the IIB in 1960 and finally, the IIC in 1964. The larger picture shows our original 1940s Arriflex 35 Handkamera with a 400ft magazine

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Last updated: 16 March 2021