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Golden Age TV EMI REDD 37 Sound Mixer copy

Click to see large picture Golden Age TV EMI REDD 37 Sound Mixer copy
Period:   from the end of 1950's to the end of 1960's
Type:   Miscellaneous
Quantity:   1 specimens available

A copy of the famous REDD 37 mixer as used by the likes of the Beatles at Abbey Road. Of the two remaining 'real' units, one is still at Abbey Road and the other is in the USA. This is the only known (non-functioning) reproduction in the world. The REDD 37 is a four-track stereo machine and was developed from the earlier two-track stereo REDD 17. All the controls function mechanically and the meters are wired to 'twitch' as required. The graphics are authentic and unit weighs considerably less than the real thing!

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Last updated: 14 April 2022