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Click to see large picture KONVAS IKCP 1M
Period:   from the beginning of 1960's to the full 1980's
Quantity:   1 specimens available

KONVAS(KOHBAC) Russian-built 35mm movie camera. 60 mtr magazine. Circa 1959. Named after the designer KONstantin VASiliyev, this chunky camera, based on the Éclair Cameflex (1947) was used mainly in Eastern Europe for news, documentaries and movie work. Konvas cameras are reflex, using a spinning mirrored shutter, allowing the operator to view the scene through the main lens during filming. Because of the camera's movement mechanism, the shutter opening is 155° as opposed to the 180° which is standard on many other cameras. Consequently, the shutter speed is slightly higher, for which the exposure must be compensated from the usual 24fps frames per second light meter setting by 1/3 of an f/stop. It has an extended film transport dwell time (as in the ARRI 35 series).This provides steadiness despite having no register pin

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Last updated: 22 September 2020