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Click to see Ikegami HK 323 February 2016

An episode of the award-winning comedy drama series INSIDE No9 was shot recently using four of GA TVs classic 1980s era Ikegami HK 323 tube colour cameras. The entire show was taped 'live' successfully using the multi-camera technique and directed from the gallery. Only GA-TV could have undertaken such a commission, this due to our proven electronics skills and extensive stock of usable cameras.

Click to see Golden Age TV Ikegami 79E implant with Triax June 2014

'Richard III' at the London Trafalgar Studios and 'Manon Lescaut' at The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. Golden Age TV is supplying currently, period video cameras and pedestals for drama and opera productions at these two prestige London theatres. Pictured is the custom engineered Triax based CCD implant system for operational use with an Ikegami HL79E period camera.

Click to see Golden Age TV EMI REDD 37 Sound Mixer copy April 2014

GA-TV supplied TV cameras and audio recording studio equipment for the ITV drama 'Cilla' (starring Sheridan Smith) filmed in Liverpool. Pictured is the Golden Age TV copy of the famous 'Beatles' REDD 37 mixing desk for use on the 'Abbey Road' set. This was custom made for the production and features twitching VU meters and graphics faithful to the originals. The surviving two 'real' REDD 37s are worth a small fortune! Golden Age TV also arranged for an EMI BTR2 reel-to-reel tape recorder for use on the 'Abbey Road' set.

There is no picture August 2013

GA-TV had on display at Buckingham Palace, a Marconi Mk II camera plus tripod as part of the 'Coronation Day' exhibition, highlighting the type of BBC television equipment used to transmit the ceremony in June of 1953. (This exhibition attracted over 500,000 visitors.)

Click to see Golden Age TV Marconi Mk II Coronation Camer June 2013

H.M. Queen opened the BBC's New Broadcasting House in London. On display for Her Majesty was a 'Coronation' Marconi Mk II camera supplied and installed by GA TV.

There is no picture May 2013

'THE QUIET ONES'. A HAMMER HORROR movie (set in the 1970s), released in April 2014. GA-TV supplied a 16mm movie camera and editing equipment plus on-set assistance.

Click to see Golden Age TV book April 2013

'TELEVISION INNOVATIONS-50 Technological Developments'by Dicky Howett. (NOW UPDATED) This unique and concise pictorial account of television technology was described by one reviewer as 'un-put-downable' and 'informative, honest,amusing, highly recommended'. With 136 illustrations, some especially sourced, this carefully researched-limited print run, 128 page book- charts many innovative tv technological advances including the Iconoscope, Image Orthicon, Vidicon and Plumbicon tubes and the CCD. Also featured are pedestals and camera cranes, video tape, lenses, lighting and video recording evolutions plus much more. Famous manufacturers highlighted include EMI, RCA, Vinten, Marconi, Taylor-Hobson and Philips - Further details from Kelly Publications 01884 256170. www.kellybooks.co.uk. Copies 14.95 UKP post free (in the UK). KINDLE version now available at 4.74UKP in an updated version. My, how tv technology races and Tv Centre closes!

There is no picture April 2013

A select amount of GA TV's classic tv camera and studio collection was seen posing behind the 'stars' in a RADIO TIMES 'Golden Age Of Television feature, (published in RT at the beginning of May.) The 'stars' were all BAFTA nominees.

Click to see Golden Age TV Dr Who TV Gallery February 2013

Dr Who- An Adventure In Space And Time. GA-TV supplied all the 1960s vintage tv studio and gallery equipment for a movie-length drama from the BBC, about the early days of the Dr Who tv programme. Pictured is the gallery.

Click to see Golden Age TV The Hour Series 2 January 2012

Series 2 of 'The Hour', the BBC 2 drama set in the newsworld of BBC Lime Grove circa 1957. Again, using some of G A-TV's unique collection of 1950s Marconi tv camera equipment plus vintage mics, lights, pedestals and newsfilm cameras. The golden age of television recreated only from Golden Age Television.

Click to see Golden Age TV Holy Flying Circus June 2011

'Holy Flying Circus' for BBC4. Golden Age TV supplied two EMI 2001s and working Barco monitors for this examination of censorship. The picture shows an EMI 2001 on its pedestal physically coupled to the production camera dolly 'following' it around.

Click to see Golden Age TV George Gently May 2011

Inspector George Gently, BBC Episode 1, Series 4, 'Gently Upside Down'. Golden Age TV provided three Marconi MkIVs, a microphone boom, floor monitors, an operational TV production gallery and many other small period specific TV props.

Click to see golden age The Hour March 2011

THE HOUR. A Kudos production for BBC Two. GA-TV provided all the studio and film equipment for this 6-part drama set in the world of BBC television News 1956. Airs first in July 2011

Click to see Golden Age TV Studio picture January 2011

ERIC AND ERNIE. Well-received BBC2 drama about the early life of Morecambe and Wise and in particular their first tv appearance in 1954. GA-TV recreated the 'BBCTV Theatre' using Marconi Mk II cameras

Click to see EMI 2001 on set March 2009

GA-TV supplied several 1970s vintage tv studio cameras and microphones for 'The Damned United' starring Michael Sheen as football manager Brian Clough and Colm Meany as Don Revie. The picture shows an EMI 2001 with an implant rig to simulate 'practical'

Click to see golden age EMI 203 March 2008

BBC4's series 'The Curse Of Comedy' kicked off with 'The Curse Of Steptoe': 'Harold' played by Jason Isaacs & EMI 203 tv cameras and other vintage studio equipment by Golden Age TV. 2008 RTS award for Production Design which, "convincingly transported the audience back to the behind-the-scenes television world of 40 years ago."

Click to see Pye Mk 3 January 2008

New productions include 'Hancock & Joan', a drama for BBCTV set in the mid-1960s with Ken Stott as 'the lad 'imself'. Picture shows studio technicians and a dressed 'working' Pye Mk3 camera with a Mole mic boom.

Click to see Golden Age TV TV70 Event November 2006

Golden Age Television supports the 'TV70' event at the Alexandra Palace in London to celebrate 70 years of the BBC's electronic television service opened at 3 pm on Nov 2nd 1936. Three operational Image Orthicon cameras and support equipment run from 'Unit 3' enabled the making of a commemorative programme.

Click to see Golden Age TV Recreations Monitor stack example September 2005

Golden Age Television Re-creations provided a large quantity of period tv and film equipment, including many tv monitors and 1970s colour receivers for the Steven Spielberg Oscar nominated movie 'MUNICH' premiered in Dec 2005. Available on DVD.

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