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Click to see large picture EMI CPS 10764 EMITRON
Period:   from the beginning of 1950's to the full 1960's
Type:   Imaging Tubes
Quantity:   1 specimens available

The CPS (Cathode Potential Stabilised) EMITRON 10764 was an Orthicon-type monochrome low velocity imaging tube devised originally by RCA in the mid 1930s. A forerunner of the Image Orthicon, the Orthicon design first saw US tv service in 1941. The UK-built EMI CPS 10764 was installed at the BBC's Lime Grove studios in 1956.(Earlier CPS Emitron Orthicon types had been used by the BBC since 1948). The CPS 10764 image quality was much admired in the production gallery although on the home receiver the picture always looked 'soft'.

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Last updated: 14 April 2022