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Bell & Howell EYEMO 'N'

Click to see large picture Bell & Howell EYEMO 'N'
Period:   from the beginning of 1940's to the full 1960's
Quantity:   1 specimens available

The Bell & Howell EYEMO range of 35mm cameras included a turret version called a 'Spyder'. The version pictured is from the early 1940s and has 1-inch, 2-inch & 3-inch Cooke lenses plus a matching optical viewfinder using a simple but effective system of masks and flip-over optics within the viewfinder tunnel. There is also a critical focus device. The basic camera takes 100ft of spool-loaded film, with an additional 400ft magazine and 12v motor attachment. The camera type was used extensively in WW2 for war footage and for newsreel work around the globe. Working condition.

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Last updated: 30 November 2021