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STC 4021

Click to see large picture STC 4021
Period:   from the full 1940's to the full 1960's
Type:   Microphones
Quantity:   2 specimens available

The STC 4021 moving coil mic was developed circa 1935. Because of its shape it was known within the BBC as the 'apple and biscuit'. Some writers have called it the 'ball and biscuit' - this is ill-informed nonsense! The mic was designed to be used with the 'biscuit' horizontal, but there were few studio applications for an omni-directional mic. (Though local radio sometimes used the 4021 for 'round table' discussions) Useful outdoors as an effects/ambience mic, indoors it was mainly used as a talkback/gallery mic (tv & radio). For talkback it was never used as the manufacturers intended; it was either fitted flush to a panel on the mixer or used with the 'biscuit' vertical on a swan neck that could barely support its weight. (Notes by Chris Owen Senior BBC Radio Engineer)

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Last updated: 16 November 2020