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Dallmeyer 25 inch folded lens

Click to see large picture Dallmeyer 25 inch folded lens
Period:   from the full 1950's to the full 1960's
Type:   Lenses
Quantity:   2 specimens available

DALLMEYER TELEOG 25" inch f/5.8-32 ‘folded’ telephoto lens. Marconi MkIII fitting (type TV 88). The lens barrel unit was made by Cox, Hargreaves & Thomson Ltd. The lens itself is ex-BBC MCR 9 (Wales) These large lenses overcame length by using a periscopic method to 'fold' the light path with an internal angled mirror. The lens usually travelled in a heated box as condensation could play havoc with the picture quality if care was not taken, especially perched atop a gantry in a force ten rain storm with no easy access to maintenance.

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Last updated: 16 November 2020